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Entrepreneurs Teaming Up

Since I began freelancing in 2016, it’s always been just me. I didn’t have any friends who worked from home that I knew of. My social media was empty of people discussing their remote work ethic. When I moved to Taiwan to be with my partner who was there for work, I hardly saw him. He was always at the office or having meetings. I was in a tough situation… Read More »Entrepreneurs Teaming Up
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Copy Fox Pro Expands

Writing is awesome. But you know what else is awesome? Writers themselves. One of my favourite pastimes during the past year has been to go on Medium and see what’s up. I enjoy sifting through the articles, jumping from one to another, and seeing what my latest fave writers have cooked up. On February 3rd, I had the idea of doing something else with my brand. I wanted to do… Read More »Copy Fox Pro Expands

Copy Fox Pro Begins

I wasn’t planning to┬ástart my own business. I am sure that’s the case with a lot of people. But I’m a college dropout, twentysomething, digital nomad with no solid roots. How was I supposed to create something stable when I’m not even in one place for more than three months? Well, I guess this is how I did that. Copy Fox Pro In late October 2017, the idea was first… Read More »Copy Fox Pro Begins