There was a Taiwanese swap shop on Facebook I liked to frequent when I lived in the area. One lucky day, I saw someone selling a small fox-shaped backpack. Foxes are my favourite animal and I knew I must have it.

The previous owner told me the backpack was at least fifteen years old. Her grandfather had brought it over to her from Japan and gifted it to her when she was a child. She wanted to get rid of it since it was no longer practical, despite sentimental value.

I was overjoyed to take this item off her hands.

I named this fox Jerome and he was my constant companion. He was an accessory that seemed to go with everything. And many strangers complimented on his cute appearance.

Because Jerome was so adored (much moreso than I), it was decided that he must be the face of my new business. And so Copy Fox Pro came into being, featuring Jerome the fox.


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