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Writing is awesome. But you know what else is awesome? Writers themselves. One of my favourite pastimes during the past year has been to go on Medium and see what’s up. I enjoy sifting through the articles, jumping from one to another, and seeing what my latest fave writers have cooked up.

On February 3rd, I had the idea of doing something else with my brand. I wanted to do a side project, although I had no idea what sort of project it would be. Regardless of my uncertainty, I went ahead and got a Gmail account, Facebook page, Twitter page, and Instagram page up and ready. I didn’t do anything with them. In fact, Twitter suspended my Twitter page assuming that it was another bot. But then on May 8th, I suddenly had it. I knew what I wanted to do.

Enter Copy Fox Pros. It’s a resource on Medium created by writers for writers. I sent out the call for past and present writers and they began trickling in, curious about this venture to which I alluded. In the two weeks since May 8th, I’ve acquired seven writers (eight, if you include me), four articles (with another one scheduled in two days), and a very small handful of followers on Instagram. None on Facebook or Twitter, in case you were wondering.

Perhaps I’m mad to have started something else when I haven’t even finished with Copy Fox Pro. I mean, I literally just commissioned my graphic designer to put together my logo for Copy Fox Pro. I know, right? I’ve been in this since November-ish and only just now got a logo. She had made me a favicon, several headers, as well as a signature for my email. I really figured I was good to go. But nope! There always seems to be more to do. For example, I still need business cards and several more clients. All in good time, I’m sure. Until then, I’m going to be happily continuing to assemble my merry band of writers. And together, we’re going to keep creating a helpful resource for the future writers and freelancers of the world. Don’t worry, guys. You’ve got this.

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