Copy Fox Pro Begins

I wasn’t planning to start my own business. I am sure that’s the case with a lot of people. But I’m a college dropout, twentysomething, digital nomad with no solid roots. How was I supposed to create something stable when I’m not even in one place for more than three months? Well, I guess this is how I did that.

Copy Fox Pro

In late October 2017, the idea was first spawned for Copy Fox Pro. I wanted a streamlined way to expand my published work while also using my beloved fox-shaped backpack as the face of my business. My backpack named Jerome. And that was when I first created an Instagram page for Copy Fox Pro. It was a great way to show off my adorable backpack, an accessory which was already fawned upon by strangers in public. It was also a comfortable transition into the world of small business for me. That may seem curious, since an Instagram page with fewer than 40 followers is hardly a business. But the seed was there.

Writer Turned Developer

My father was a software programmer and taught me how to code a little when I was in middle school. That was over a decade ago by now. Website development is a whole new world for me now. I was constantly researching various hosting sites. I didn’t want a quick and easy DIY website. I didn’t want to hire someone else to do it with money I didn’t have. I was going it alone. I didn’t know how to connect domains to hosts or how to add widgets to WordPress, but over the course of a month I began slowly learning. The title of this segment is total clickbait because I am far from a developer. But the small success I have achieved in creating my own website from scratch makes me proud.

Am I Relatable Yet?

Who knows if my opening story rings any bells. Copy Fox Pro was created in order to lend a hand to developers who have no idea how to write or loathe partaking such a task. I adore writing. It is the only constant pleasure I have had in my whole life. It’s a profession but also a passion. I enjoy doing the work I do because it is something I have loved doing my whole life. If you think that Copy Fox Pro could lend you a hand (or in Jerome’s case, a paw), hit me up. We are excited to meet you.

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