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about us.

Copy Fox Pro is a Los Angeles boutique marketing agency. It was founded by Laurrel Allison in October 2017. Since then, we have acquired many amazing clients as well as a few talented team members!


We have been working to build our business every day. Copy Fox Pro exists to get the most out of your brand. We understand how precious it is to you, and we’d love the chance to be able to watch and assist in its growth!


If you have any questions, concerns, or if you are interested in using Copy Fox Pro for your brand, drop us a line at


Our focus.

We can zoom in on your brand from as many angles as you'd like!
Social Media Curation

Scheduling, creating, marketing, publishing?
We can get it all done.

Content Creation

Blog posts, articles, interviews, copy, SEO.
It's all in our wheelhouse.


Wanna be hands on?
Go for it!
Contact us to book a consultation session with one of our team members.

Graphic Design

It's the cherry on top.
Gorgeous logos, brochures, pamphlets, and social media graphics you deserve.


Our team.

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
Copy Fox Pro Copyediting Copywriting Copywriter Copyeditor Writing Content Creation SEO Optimization Social Media Marketing
Laurrel Allison

Founder &
Business Developer

Masha Pimas Graphic Designer Art Director
Masha Pimàs

Creative Director

Meghan O'Neal onealwriting SEO Writer Copy Fox Pro
Meghan O'Neal

SEO Copywriter

Portia Yip Content Creator Social Media Manager Social Media Curator Copywriter Copy Fox Pro
Portia Yip

Content Creator &
Social Media Coordinator


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Copy Fox Pro in Motion

What are you keen on?

Social Media Curation

Copy Fox Pro has the team to lead your next project to awesomeness. Even if you just need someone to schedule your content and keep up with comments, we’ve got your back!

Digital Nomad Freelancer Freelancing Muddled Millennial Copy Fox Pro Copywriter Copyeditor Content Creation Social Media Marketer Social Media Manager Copy Fox Pro By Laurrel Allison

Social Media Marketing

Facebook Business Manager can be a headache. How do you integrate Instagram properly? Can you target local audiences? Is there a way to increase an audience consistently? Copy Fox Pro has all the answers and more!


Content Creation

At Copy Fox Pro, we aim to please. So if you need a little something more than just social media this and social media that, we got you. Let us link you up with our team members who create amazing blog posts, work on the perfect copy, and tweak your SEO until it’s just right.


Graphic Design

How could we forget? Graphic design is the cherry on top of everything we do here. You can’t write up a killer blog post or create fluid social media feeds without a little graphic design backing you up. Copy Fox Pro has all sorts of aesthetic from which you can choose!


Pricing Table.

From small to large, pick the package that best caters to your needs!


Per Month

  • 2 Hours of social media work every week
  • Researching relevant hashtags
  • Increasing organic engagement and followers
  • Constant customer support


Per Month

  • 5 Hours of social media work every week
  • Creating Creating target audiences
  • Designing small graphics
  • Increasing organic engagement and followers
  • Constant customer support


Per Month

  • 7 Hours of social media work every week
  • Creating target audiences
  • Designing small graphics
  • Increasing organic engagement and followers
  • Scheduling content across Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest
  • Recruiting and managing brand ambassadors
  • Collaborating with influencers


Let our clients do the talking.

I’ve worked with Laurrel at Copy Fox Pro for a few months now to manage the social media channels for my non-profit organization and she has been essential to the growth of my business. She schedules content, researches the best hashtags for growth, uses social media to create relationships that bring partnerships and awareness to my business and so much more! She’s always willing to go above and beyond, communicates flawlessly and helps to come up with ideas to spice up my social media. 5 star service! I would definitely recommend.

Biancha Felix

Founder, Cha Cha in the City


Why Select Us?

We're cute! We're smart! We make really dope art!

We’ve got the tools you need to boost your brand.


We’ll do it over and over again until we get it right.


Perfection is attainable! Just ask our clients.


You’ll have your customers jumping to visit your website after seeing what we say about it.


We don’t normally give 24-hour turnaround, but we do understand if it’s crucial to send out ASAP!


Five stars across the board. In business since 2016, and a verified LLC since 2017.

Start your journey with us now


Our Blog

It's not as updated as it should be, but it's something!
Copy Fox Pro Social Media Agency Digital Marketing Digital Media Copywriter Copyeditor Content Creation Social Media Marketer Social Media Manager Copy Fox Pro By Laurrel Allison Verified Facebook Business Page

Copy Fox Pro: Verified LLC

My latest struggle has been to sort out my business and get it verified on a legal scale. I’ve applied for both an LLC and an EIN, which went through quickly. I used a business called Delaware Inc. aka Harvard Business Services (no affiliation with the law school). But before I picked that one, I went through all the correct channels in order to be sure.

Entrepreneurs Teaming Up
Since I began freelancing in 2016, it’s always been just me. I didn’t have any friends who worked from home that I knew of. My social media was empty of people discussing their remote…
Copy Fox Pro Expands
Writing is awesome. But you know what else is awesome? Writers themselves. One of my favourite pastimes during the past year has been to go on Medium and see what’s up. I enjoy sifting…
Copy Fox Pro Begins
I wasn’t planning to start my own business. I am sure that’s the case with a lot of people. But I’m a college dropout, twentysomething, digital nomad with no solid roots. How was I supposed…

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